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Round Table & Chair Inserts & Feet

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Measurement Conversion Chart
Part No SortTube Outside Diameter (OD) SortTube Wall Thickness (WT) SortColour SortAvailability SortRequest SampleView PricesOrder
Rti25010mm0.8 - 1.5mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti14710mm0.8 - 1.5mmBlackIn stockSamplePricesOrder
Rti51010mm0.8 - 1.5mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti51110mm0.8 - 1.5mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti51210mm0.8 - 1.5mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti123312mm0.8 - 1.5mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti132812mm0.8 - 1.5mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti25112mm0.8 - 2.0mmBlack1 WeekSamplePricesOrder
Rti51312mm0.8 - 2.0mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti51412mm0.8 - 2.0mmGrey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti51512mm0.8 - 2.0mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti25212mm2.5 - 3.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti133612.70mm0.8 - 2.4mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti139312.70mm0.8 - 2.4mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti139412.70mm0.8 - 2.4mmGrey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti139512.70mm0.8 - 2.4mmSilver Grey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti100012.70mm0.8 - 2.4mmBlack1 WeekSamplePricesOrder
Rti100212.70mm0.8 - 2.4mmWhiteIn stockSamplePricesOrder
Rti100312.70mm0.8 - 2.4mmMid GreyIn stockSamplePricesOrder
Rti26412.70mm1.0 - 1.5mmBlack1 WeekSamplePricesOrder
Rti14913mm0.8 - 2.0mmBlack (Textured)In StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti51913mm0.8 - 2.0mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti52013mm0.8 - 2.0mmGrey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti52113mm0.8 - 2.0mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti52613mm3.0 - 3.5mmSilver GreyIn stockSamplePricesOrder
Rti25313mm0.8 - 2.0mmBlack1 WeekSamplePricesOrder
Rti25514mm0.8 - 2.0mmBlackIn stockSamplePricesOrder
Rti52714mm0.8 - 2.0mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti52814mm0.8 - 2.0mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti52914mm0.8 - 2.0mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti113815mm (Slightly Domed Top)0.8 - 2.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti25915mm0.8 - 2.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti53915mm0.8 - 2.0mmWhite2-3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti113915mm (Slightly Domed Top)0.8 - 2.0mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti54015mm0.8 - 2.0mmGrey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti54115mm0.8 - 2.0mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Ti4015.88mm1.0 - 2.0mmBlackIn stockSamplePricesOrder
Rti96615.88mm1.0 - 2.0mmWhiteIn stockSamplePricesOrder
Rti112715.88mm1.0 - 2.0mmLight GreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti21915.88mm1.0 - 2.0mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti96715.88mm1.0 - 2.0mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti47416mm0.8 - 2.0mmBlack3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti55416mm0.8 - 2.0mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti55516mm0.8 - 2.0mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti55616mm0.8 - 2.0mmSilver GreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti102416mm0.8 - 2.0mmWhite1 WeekSamplePricesOrder
Rti48018mm0.25 - 1.5mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti56018mm0.25 - 1.5mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti56118mm0.25 - 1.5mmGrey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti56218mm0.25 - 1.5mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti56318mm0.8 - 2.5mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti56418mm0.8 - 2.5mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti23218mm0.8 - 2.5mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti56518mm0.8 - 2.5mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti48118mm2.5 - 3.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti56618mm2.5 - 3.0mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti56718mm2.5 - 3.0mmGrey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti56818mm2.5 - 3.0mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti125019mm0.8 - 2.0mmBlueIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti100719mm0.8 - 2.5mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti100919mm0.8 - 2.5mmDark GreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti164119.05mm0.8 - 2.5mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Ti5219.05mm1.0 - 2.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti21619.05mm Heavy Duty1.0 - 2.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti95319.05mm1.0 - 2.0mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti21419.05mm1.0 - 2.0mmGrey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti95419.05mm1.0 - 2.0mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti11419.05mm1.0 - 2.0mmRedIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti21219.05mm1.0 - 2.0mmGrey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti23320mm0.8 - 2.5mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti57520mm0.8 - 2.5mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti19620mm1.5 - 2mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti139620mm0.8 - 2.5mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti57620mm0.8 - 2.5mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti101320.0mm0.8 - 2.5mmMid GreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti57720mm0.8 - 2.5mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti23621mm0.8 - 2.5mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti58121mm0.8 - 2.5mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti58221mm0.8 - 2.5mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti58321mm0.8 - 2.5mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti23821mm2.5 - 3.0mmBlack2-3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti125922mm0.8 - 2.0mmGreenIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti113522mm0.8 - 3.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti59322mm0.8 - 3.0mmBlack (Textured)1-2 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti59422mm0.8 - 3.0mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti59522mm0.8 -3.0mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti59622mm0.8 - 3.0mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti110722mm1.8 - 3.5mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti59722mm1.8 - 3.5mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti59822mm1.8 - 3.5mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Ti622.23mm1.0 - 2.0mmBlack3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti146122.23mm1.0 - 2.0mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti105722.23mm1.0 - 2.0mmRedIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti48423mm0.8 - 2.5mmBlack1 WeekSamplePricesOrder
Rti19123mm0.8 - 2.5mmBlack (Textured)In StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti60323mm0.8 - 2.5mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti60423mm0.8 - 2.5mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti146023mm0.8 - 3.0mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti48824mm1.0 - 2.5mmBlack1 WeekSamplePricesOrder
Rti61524mm1.0 - 2.5mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti61624mm1.0 2.5mmGrey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti12725mm1.0 - 3.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti63325mm1.0 - 3.0mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti63425mm1.0 - 3.0mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti12925mm3.0 - 5.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti151625.40mm1.0 - 2.0mmBlack3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti96225.40mm1.0 - 2.0mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti103225.40mm1.0 - 3.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti103425.40mm1.0 - 3.0mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Ti925.40mm2.0 - 3.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Other sizesavailable. Clickon the RoundTube Insertslink at the top of this pageSamplePricesOrder



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