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Round Plastic Inserts 100mm+

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Measurement Conversion Chart
Part No SortTube Outside Diameter (OD) SortTube Wall Thickness (WT) SortColour SortAvailability SortRequest SampleView PricesOrder
Rti99100mm1.0 - 2.0mmBlack1 WeekSamplePricesOrder
Rti100100mm2.0 - 3.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti469100mm2.0 - 4.5mmBlack1 WeekSamplePricesOrder
Rti901100mm2.0 - 4.5mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti902100mm2.0 - 4.5mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti903100mm2.0 - 4.5mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti1098100mm4.5 - 6.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti1099100mm4.5 - 6.0mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti1100100mm4.5 - 6.0mmGrey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti1101100mm4.5 - 6.0mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti1321101.6mm3.6 - 6.0mmBlack3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti1322101.6mm3.6 - 6.0mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti1323101.6mm3.6 - 6.0mmGrey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti1324101.6mm3.6 - 6.0mmSilver Grey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti470102mm2.0 - 4.0mmBlack2-3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti904102mm2.0 - 4.0mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti905102mm2.0 - 4.0mmGrey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti906102mm2.0 - 4.0mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti471105mm2.0 - 4.5mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti907105mm2.0 - 4.5mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti908105mm2.0 - 4.5mmGrey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti909105mm2.0 - 4.5mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti472108mm2.9 - 5.0mmBlack1 WeekSamplePricesOrder
Rti910108mm2.9 - 5.0mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti911108mm2.9 - 5.0mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti912108mm2.9 - 5.0mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti268110mm2.0 - 4.5mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti916110mm2.0 - 4.5mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti917110mm2.0 - 4.5mmGrey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti918110mm2.0 - 4.5mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti270110mm4.5 - 6.0mmBlack1 WeekSamplePricesOrder
Rti440110mm4.5 - 6.0mmGrey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti207114mm3.2 - 5.5mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti919114mm3.2 - 5.5mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti920114mm3.2 - 5.5mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti921114mm3.2 - 5.5mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti297120mm2.0 - 4.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti922120mm2.0 - 4.0mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti923120mm2.0 - 4.0mmGrey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti924120mm2.0 - 4.0mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti199125mm2.0 - 6.0mmBlack2-3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti925125mm2.0 - 6.0mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti926125mm2.0 - 6.0mmGrey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti927125mm2.0 - 6.0mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti200130mm2.0 - 6.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti928130mm2.0 - 6.0mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti929130mm2.0 - 6.0mmGrey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti930130mm2.0 - 6.0mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti201133mm2.0 - 6.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti931133mm2.0 - 6.0mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti932133mm2.0 - 6.0mmGrey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti933133mm2.0 - 6.0mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti202139.7mm2.0 - 6.5mmBlack1 WeekSamplePricesOrder
Rti1438139.7mm2.0 - 6.5mmBlack3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti934139.7mm2.0 - 6.5mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti935139.7mm2.0 - 6.5mmGrey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti936139.7mm2.0 - 6.5mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti203140mm2.0 - 6.5mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti937140mm2.0 - 6.5mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti938140mm2.0 - 6.5mmGrey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti939140mm2.0 - 6.5mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti204150mm2.0 - 7.0mmBlack3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti940150mm2.0 - 7.0mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti941150mm2.0 - 7.0mmGrey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti942150mm2.0 - 7.0mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti1409152.4mm3.2 - 7.5mmBlack3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti1410152.4mm3.2 - 7.5mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti1347152.4mm3.2 - 7.5mmGrey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti1437152.4mm3.2 - 7.5mmSilver Grey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti205159mm2.0 - 6.5mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti943159mm2.0 - 6.5mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti944159mm2.0 - 6.5mmGrey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti945159mm2.0 - 6.5mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti206160mm2.5 - 7.0mmBlack3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti946160mm2.5 - 7.0mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti947160mm2.5 - 7.0mmGrey2-3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti948160mm2.5 - 7.0mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti208168mm2.0 - 6.5mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti949168mm2.0 - 6.5mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti950168mm2.0 - 6.5mmGrey3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti951168mm2.0 - 6.5mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti240193.7mm2.9 - 8.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti992193.7mm2.9 - 8.0mmWhite3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
Rti993193.7mm2.9 - 8.0mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti994193.7mm2.9 - 8.0mmSilver Grey5 WeeksSamplePricesOrder



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