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Round Plastic Inserts 27-50.8mm

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Measurement Conversion Chart
Part No SortTube Outside Diameter (OD) SortTube Wall Thickness (WT) SortColour SortAvailability SortRequest SampleView PricesOrder
Rti39927mm1.0 - 3.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti65427mm1.0 - 3.0mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti40028mm0.8 - 2.5mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti65728mm0.8 - 2.5mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti65828mm0.8 - 2.5mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti40330mm0.8 - 2.5mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti67030mm0.8 - 2.5mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti23530mm2.5 - 4.5mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti67330mm2.5 - 4.5mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti67430mm2.5 - 4.5mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti120231.75mm1.0 - 2.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti112632mm0.8 - 2.5mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti67632mm0.8 - 2.5mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti40532mm2.5 - 4.5mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti40632mm3.5 - 5.5mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti40834mm1.0 - 3.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti68834mm1.0 - 3.0mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti40934mm3.5 - 4.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti41435mm1.0 - 3.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti70935mm1.0 - 3.0mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti47535mm2.5 - 4.5mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti71235mm2.5 - 4.5mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti42136mm1.0 - 3.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti42837mm1.0 - 3.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti43438mm1.0 - 3.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti140338mm1.0 - 3.5mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti77338mm1.0 - 3.5mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti22238mm3.0 - 5.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Ti3938.10mm1.0 - 2.0mmBlackIn stockSamplePricesOrder
Rti43940mm1.0 - 3.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti79040mm1.0 - 3.0mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti79140mm1.0 - 3.0mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti115740mm3.0 - 5.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti81442mm0.8 - 2.5mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti22842mm1.0 - 2.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti22342mm2.5 - 5.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti29842mm2.0 - 4.0mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti44743mm2.0 - 2.5mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti81943mm2.0 - 2.5mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti44843mm3.0 - 3.5mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Ti2244.45mm1.0 - 2.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti44945mm0.8 - 3.5mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti82545mm0.8 - 3.5mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti82645mm0.8 - 3.5mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti45045mm3.0 - 5.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti49648.30mm1.2 - 3.6mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti49748.30mm2.5 - 5.2mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti84348.30mm2.5 - 5.2mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti84448.30mm2.5 - 5.2mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti9348.30mm3.0 - 4.5mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti47848.30mm3.2 - 5.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti45550mm2.5 - 4.5mmBlackIn stockSamplePricesOrder
Rti84950mm1.0 - 2.5mmWhiteIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Rti85050mm1.0 - 2.5mmGreyIn StockSamplePricesOrder
Ti3250.80mm1.0 - 2.0mmBlackIn StockSamplePricesOrder



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