So, what are the benefits of using PVC products?

Polyvinyl Chloride, otherwise known as PVC is a versatile thermoplastic material used in the production of vasts amounts of products used on a day-to-day basis. The reason that PVC is chosen as the primary product is down to the low-cost and desirable physical and mechanical properties. 

As the largest PVC dip-moulder in the world, Sinclair & Rush take pride in producing parts using the best quality material. 

We are constantly asked why people should opt for PVC over other materials, well, no need to do your own research as we've collated the advantages for you and listed these below to show you just how advantageous component parts made using these materials can be!

PVC is easy to install. There is no special skill needed to fit a PVC cap or grip; you simply order the correct size part for your requirements and fitting takes just seconds.

PVC is non-toxic. As the worlds most researched and tested plastic, it is considered to be a 'safe' material. PVC meets all international standards for health and safety due to the toxicity of the product being non-existent.

PVC is durable. The product is resistant to a number of factors that other products are affected by. These include - weathering, corrosion, abrasion and rotting.  

PVC is a good insulator. If you are using this product for anything electricity based, PVC does not conduct electricity. 

PVC is fire resistant. PVC products burn when they are exposed to fire, however, PVC products are self-extinguishing if the initial source of the fire is removed. 


Why not take a look at the PVC products we manufacture that are available online? 

Flexible PVC Caps  |  Flexible PVC Grips  |  Barrier End Caps  

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