ekobrew - VisiPak

Ekobrew knew it had a great product with its reusable filter, but getting it packaged in a brown craft tube was becoming a problem. The existing packaging was creating tremendous pain due to lead times from China. In addition, the brown paper tube did not reveal the contents so consumers fiddled with the packages in the retail stores. Opened packages left on the shelves were a great concern of both the retailer and the manufacturer. It was clearly time for new packaging.

Clear round tube packaging became an obvious answer to eliminate the visual concerns, and since VisiPak produces extruded clear plastic tubes and containers in St. Louis, MO, and Carlstadt, NJ, the answer was easy to find. Made in the UK & USA, clear extruded tubes solved both issues for Ekobrew. In addition, the wide selection of caps and plugs from VisiPak provided a source and solution for enclosing the package. The poly plug was a perfect match.

VisiPak capabilities include various labeling options which fit Ekobrew's needs to a tea...or cup of coffee, in this case. A label was applied directly to the tube saving time and money. The icing on the cake was the production of a thermoformed blister insert that would perform the function of stabilizing the Ekobrew Reusable Filter inside the tube, clearly displaying the entire product.



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